Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bumble Bee Pie

I think that Bumblebee pie is a really great book and it rhymes and easy to read.
This book is really interesting and tells you how Mia thought you had to catch the bees first than you have bake it. She went to catch some bees and came back with 6 hundred bumblebees. She found many different ways to bake the pie, like in the air, the fountain, the mountain, the quarry, the lorry,the desert, in the woods or on the ice. Then Mia threw in all the bees and put on the topping and then the pie flew high into the sky.
The birds started picking at the pie and out of the pie came a whole lot of bees and that was the story of Bumble Bee Pie.

Mairangi bay

Early on Friday morning the year 7 at Pt England school were very excited that we were going to mairangi bay. We were finally heading off and Me, Gabby, Shaniah and Santy were sitting right in the middle. Every time we would turn a corner we would go up and would kind of turn. Gabby and I were telling each other stories until we got there. We finally got there and me and Gabby waited for most of the year 7 students to get off the bus and then me and Gabby hopped off.

As I hopped off I could fell that wind flying pasted me. “Oh my gosh, its so cold”, I said to my self.
Even though I had my jacket on I could still feel the wind. We all gathered together and sat down on the grass. We waited for the instructions from Mrs Nua. Then Mrs Nua said “Ok then lets go and find out were we put our bags so we followed Mrs Nua up the stairs and then Oh hello there they were the life guards. We walked in and the life guards said “ Come on in and put your bags in that area over there and then come over here and sit down,” so we but our bags in the little area and we sat down in of the life guards. All of us were finally there so the life guards introduced their selves and then told use what we were going to do later on. Later on that day we played games then we had lunch.

After lunch we grabbed our bags and come back down stairs to eat our lunch. During lunch time we played games and buried each other. The whistle went and we all said”Oh man all this fun time and it has to end now. We sat down and listened to Megan a life guard. After the instructions she told us to hop in a line behind Ngaina and Cruz and then we headed down to the beach and listened to the instructions she told use the we hopped in the water. After that we got dressed and headed home.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day1 with our NetBooks

"Ya" I said to my self,"they finally arrived." Ive been waiting for them all morning and I just couldn't wait any longer. As we got the NetBooks we left them on our desks and waited Patiently until the bell rang. "Bring" the bell rang and we were all excited to finally have our own NetBooks to use.Before we got it ready we done the karakia, mihi and a himene. Then we pulled our NetBooks out, turned it on and signed in. Ms T gave us instructions to follow just so we knew what to do. When I finished the instructions I had a look around to see what other cool stuff was on there, I even learnt how to change the picture on the wallpaper.
Well my day is about to end and I have had a lot of fun on the NetBook.

Earth Worms

Earth Worms are segmented worms which means when a part of its body is separated or cut of they can still move and they are still alive. They have no legs but they can still move from place to place. The Earth Worms live in soil, their skin is covered by film of muscus. They are Decomposers that means that when they die their skin rots. They eat soil, Dead and decaying material, the soil turning and remixing it while tunnelling and are unavailable for their healthy soil.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fia Fia Night.

Last Term at Pt England School we had Fia Fia Night. 
 Fia Fia night is when we break into different groups like dancing groups and culture groups. My favourite part of the night was getting up to perform in front of everyone. 

 Here are some video snippets of the groups I was in.

Friday, October 22, 2010

what we learnt

We have been learning how to share the love and how to link photos on to our blogs to use.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All shipshape and ready to sail.

All shipshape and ready to sail.
Our reading task was to find a picture of an Optimist and lable all of the equipment. We read about Tracey Page and Poppy Stevenson who belonged to a girls sailing group on Waiheke Island. They sailed thier dinghy called Petrel. They keep it upside down on the beach so it doesn't get full with water and sand. The first step is to put the mast up, then you have to lash the stays in a bow to keep the mast standing straight but you must remember to put you're life jackets on. You should alway's put you're sunscreen on even if it's not sunny so you don't get sunburnt. You have to keep you're dinghy facing the wind when you pull up the sail otherwise you're boat will catch the wind and tip over.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Immersion Assembllies

Immersion Assembly is like an assembly but when all our teachers dress up and try to give us an idea of what our topic is.

We have an Immersion Assembly at the start of every term. Each team, from Team 1 to Team 5, have an opportunity to describe who they are..

One of the Immersion assemblies I remember is “up up and away”. One of the Characters I liked was Mr Palmer, he was a flight attendant.

Another Immersion Assemblies I remember was when I was in Room12, Miss Gardens class. We where learning about ‘Blooming Success’. Miss Garden was a flower a funny looking flower to but I can’t remember what kind of flower she was.

One of my favourite immersion Assemblies so far is Mighty ‘TEEN’ Mariners. My favourite Character was Miss King, she’s the teacher that loved Johnny Depp from ‘Pirates of the Caribian.’’ Miss king was funny when she yelled out ‘Johnny’!. My other favourite Character was Ms Tito, she was funny as well because she was Jessica Watson. I think Ms Tito was a good actor she had a funny accent too. I was wondering if Jessica was from Australia and she was.

Monday, July 26, 2010


My favourite Movie is Twilight. Two of my Favourite characters are Bella and Edward. I like the part when Eward took Bella to play baseball and when James, Victoria and Laurent came, Edward told Bella to let out her hair so she let it out. Then Laurent asked Edward and his family if they could play and they all said yes. So they all turned around and got ready to play again until Bella turned around the wind blew her human smell towards James, and James said'' I believe you brang a snack.'' Then Edward's mum Elizabeth pushed Bella behind her to keep her safe. The sad part is when James bite her and all this stuff went into her and Edward had to suck all the stuff out. Then she ended up in the hospital. When she woke up her mum was ther and Bella asked were Edward was, her mum said that he was asleep and he didn't want to leave with out seeing her. Bella asked what happend and her mum replied ''you fell dowm the stairs, fell through the window and brock her lePr

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Legend of Mt Taranaki DLO

This term we are learning about Active Earth.  Ms T gave us a task to do.  We were asked to retell the Legend of Mt Taranaki.

We had to get into groups.  The members in my team was April, Gabby, Etta and me.  I got to decide what to do.  We were going to do a drama but we decided to do green screeting because we thought it would have been easier.  We had fun creating the project but the green screening was trickier than we first thought.  Instead of putting images in the background we kept it as a green screen.
When we finished, I was so happy.  We finished on time.

Here is our DLO

Here is our assessment rubric for the Mt Taranaki DLO

These are my reflections about our project.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Taking A Piture With Tye

On Saturday 19th June 2010 I took a picture with Tye. For those of you who don't know Tye he is Scotties brother of Short land Street. That morning I went to the Auckland netball courts with Tyla and her mum. Me and Tyla went for a walk, then Tyla walked straight past Tye and didn't even notice him, but when I walked past him I noticed him of a programme. I looked at him a couple of times before I got to Tyla, I was wondering if he was of short land street. When I got to Tyla I said I think I just saw Tye of Short land street. But Tyla said ''No it's not him, and I said''Are you sure,'' and she answered back''Yes.'' So I said I wanna watch them play Tennis so I could get a closer look if it was Tye. Tye's daughter was playing with her skipping rope. So went up to her and said'' Is that you're dad,'' and she answered back''Yes,'' Then I said is you're dad on Short land Street,'' and she replied''Yes.'' Then I asked her if we could asked him if we could take a picture with him, but she said''ask him you're self.'' So me and Tyla stood there saying can you ask him or no you ask him. Then when he was about to leave I walked up to him and said''Are you Tye of Short land Street,'' and he said back''Yes I am.'' So I asked him if we could take a picture with him, he replied''Ok then.'' So me and Tyla started laughing and wouldn't stop laughing. Tye's wife or girlfriend took the photo for us. when she took it I said thank you to him and his girlfriend.Then we went to show Tyla's mum and we where still laughing. Then we stop laughing the next day.