Wednesday, June 29, 2011

'If I was You'

If I was you
I would be

If I was you
I would say achoo,

If I was you
I would paddle a canoe,

If I was you
I would argue,

If I was you
I would chew,

If I was you
I would say, “Ooh!”,

If I was you
I would break through.


There was a little girl Ala
she had a friend Bella
they both had money
and bought some honey
and that was the little girl Ala.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

James Mackenzie the Polygraph

In 1902 Sir James Mackenzie invented the Lie Detector also called the polygraph. His invention was a less successful machine then the Polygraph that John Larsen invented. The Polygraph is used in police interrogation but only if it needs to be used.

James Mackenzie was born on April 12,1853 in Scone Scotland.He died in January 26,1925.He was educated at Scone Village school, Perth Grammar School and Edinburgh University. He was a member of the Burnley Literary and Scientific Club.

1855- Mackenzie was caught stealing 1,000 sheep from a sheep station north of Timaru.

1897, to measure the resistance of the skin to small electric currents emitted through metal electrodes attached to two fingertips of the subject.

1902- Sir James Mackenzie invented the Polygraph

1915- an American psychologist, William M. Marston, began to demonstrate a lie detection test

1930- just before World War II, the government and private businesses took over further advances in the technology related to the polygraph.

1931- Mr. Leonardo Keeler patented his device before proceeding to market his device to police departments across the country.

1938 using the lie detector to determine the positive reaction to using this razor.

Dr Mackenzie's application for the position of Medical Officer in the Workhouse Infirmary. At the Victoria Hospital. He was instrumental in establishing the Victoria Hospital which opened in 1886 and spent some time working there.

His invention the lie detector (Polygraph) it is important because the Police need it so they can find out the truth from people in investigations.