Monday, July 26, 2010


My favourite Movie is Twilight. Two of my Favourite characters are Bella and Edward. I like the part when Eward took Bella to play baseball and when James, Victoria and Laurent came, Edward told Bella to let out her hair so she let it out. Then Laurent asked Edward and his family if they could play and they all said yes. So they all turned around and got ready to play again until Bella turned around the wind blew her human smell towards James, and James said'' I believe you brang a snack.'' Then Edward's mum Elizabeth pushed Bella behind her to keep her safe. The sad part is when James bite her and all this stuff went into her and Edward had to suck all the stuff out. Then she ended up in the hospital. When she woke up her mum was ther and Bella asked were Edward was, her mum said that he was asleep and he didn't want to leave with out seeing her. Bella asked what happend and her mum replied ''you fell dowm the stairs, fell through the window and brock her lePr