Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Process Between Day And Night

This presentation is about the process between day and night. Room 19 and I have all made a presentation about what causes day and night. Here is a little bit of information that causes day and night. I hope you enjoy this presentation.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Dream Outta This World Holiday..

‘Brring..................’ screamed the alarm. I tried to ignore it. I wanted to stay in my dream. My dream outta this world holiday.

In my dream holiday I would want to go to Jupiter, but if I took off today I would be 19 because it takes 7 years to get there. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.

Jupiter would be the fourth biggest object in the sky (after the Sun , the Moon and Venus). Its also is the fifth planet from the Sun and is the largest planet in the Solar System.

I would like to go to Jupiter not because its the closest planet to Earth or because its the biggest planet in our Solar System but because I really want to explore around the planet and see how big it really is. I heard that it has four large moons and many smaller moons that form a kind of miniature Solar System.

Thank you April.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Order Of The Planets.

This term our topic is Outta This World, Solar System. We have been doing a Mnemonic that will help us memories the order of the planets. Here is a presentation that Reina and I have made. I hope you enjoy this presentation.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Are Killer Waves....

In room 19 we had to read, write and learn about a book. We each got a book to study,we had to study, we had to summarise the reading and then put it together in a slide show. It is here on my blog so that team four can use it for reading task. I really hope you enjoy watching this presentation.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Georgia Conversation...

So Aliza what is the capital city of Georgia?” asked Ocean.
“The capital city of Georgia is T’blisi,” replied Aliza.
“So then do you know what the population is?” Ocean asked.
“Yes, the population of Georgia is over 4 million people,” answered Aliza.
“Great work Aliza,” I replied.
“So Ocean do you know one of the local delicacies in Georgia?” said Aliza
“Yes,one of the local delicacies is peaches,” I replied.
“Well Ocean do you know what continent Georgia is on?’’ asked Aliza.
“Yes,the continent of Georgia is Asia,” I answered.
“What are two of the famous people in Georgia?”
“One of them is Joseph Stalin and another Eduard Shevardnadze.
“What is their favourite sport?”said Aliza
“ One of the sports they like to play is football,” I replied.
“Okay then do you know what their neighboring countries are?” I asked.
“Well the neighboring countries are Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia,” replied Aliza.
“What is one of the major festivals in Georgia?” Aliza asked.
“Well one of the major festivals in Georgia is the Chabukiani-Balanchine Festival, a festival of ballet,” I replied.
“What is the team color?” I asked.
“The actual team color is red,” replied Aliza.
“Well then do you know what the alternative color is?” asked Aliza.
“The alternative color is red and white.
This is what the Georgia flag looks like.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where In The World Is...?

This task is about countries that didn’t quilify the rugby world cup 2011. We had to study different countries around the world. We had to find the flag, location,capital city, population and sports.

Ivory Coast:
Flag: Ivory Coast
Flag: Ivory Coast
Continent: Western Africa.
Population: The population of Ivory Coast is 21,504,162
Capital: The capital of Ivory Coast is Yamoussoukro.
Sport: Their sports in Ivory Coast is Soccer.

Bosnia Herzegovina:
Flag: Bosnia Herzegovina flag.

Continent: The continent for Bosnia Herzegovina is Europe.
Population: The population in Bosnia Herzegovina is 4,622,163
Capital: The capital city of Bosnia Herzegovina is Sarajero.
Sport: The sport they play in Bosnia Herzegovina is Soccer.
I have decided to study Bosnia Herzegovina for our Immersion tasks.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Were The Heck Is Pukekohe...?

Different Auckland town centres are hosting Rugby teams from countries that qualified for the World Cup. One of these places is Pukekohe.

Pukekohe is a suburb in the Auckland region of the North Island of New Zealand. Located at the southern edge of the Auckland Region, it is approximately 50 kilometres south of Aucland City. (

The Maori word Puke-kohe means ‘hill’ of the “kohekohe”, New Zealand’s Mahogany. During the New Zealand Wars, a battle was fought in Pukekohe known as the Defence of Pukekohe East 1863 (

The township population of Pukekohe is approx, 19,000 people. Pukekohe is Franklin’s main town along with Waiuku (population approx 5,500) and Tuakau (population approx 3000). Latest population figures show Franklin with a population of approx 58,932 and growing. (
Pukekohe's race tracks are famous their.