Monday, October 3, 2011

Georgia Conversation...

So Aliza what is the capital city of Georgia?” asked Ocean.
“The capital city of Georgia is T’blisi,” replied Aliza.
“So then do you know what the population is?” Ocean asked.
“Yes, the population of Georgia is over 4 million people,” answered Aliza.
“Great work Aliza,” I replied.
“So Ocean do you know one of the local delicacies in Georgia?” said Aliza
“Yes,one of the local delicacies is peaches,” I replied.
“Well Ocean do you know what continent Georgia is on?’’ asked Aliza.
“Yes,the continent of Georgia is Asia,” I answered.
“What are two of the famous people in Georgia?”
“One of them is Joseph Stalin and another Eduard Shevardnadze.
“What is their favourite sport?”said Aliza
“ One of the sports they like to play is football,” I replied.
“Okay then do you know what their neighboring countries are?” I asked.
“Well the neighboring countries are Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia,” replied Aliza.
“What is one of the major festivals in Georgia?” Aliza asked.
“Well one of the major festivals in Georgia is the Chabukiani-Balanchine Festival, a festival of ballet,” I replied.
“What is the team color?” I asked.
“The actual team color is red,” replied Aliza.
“Well then do you know what the alternative color is?” asked Aliza.
“The alternative color is red and white.
This is what the Georgia flag looks like.

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  1. Hi Ocean,

    It is really good that you know about the Georgia flag.
    I really like it how you used a lot of details in your Georgia conversation writing. I thought you writing was interesting. KEEP IT UP!!



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