Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My letter home.

Dear Aunty,
How are you. Hope you are well. I am doing good at school.
At school we are doing KFC, not the KFC we eat the Kids Fitness Club. We also have blogs, we have blogs to let the world know what we have been doing on holidays and all that. We now have Netbooks at our school.Our Netbooks are really great to have.

I am writing you this letter because I am letting you know what I am doing in school.
Love you Aunty

My Thoughts About Camp

“YEAH” camp is coming and I gotta get packing. Next week on Monday Team 5 camp starts, it is called ‘Camp Take Charge’. I am really looking forward to camp because we did really cool activities last year. I am also excited to go camp because I get to spend time with my friends.

Yesterday we had our first camp meeting and that meeting was exciting because that’s when we were told what group we were in. I wish that my friends were in my group with me, but yesterday when we got told our groups the next thing we did was this one activity and it was quite hard. It was hard because there were like thirty of us in a group and the game was that you had to get your whole team across the hall without touching the ground, even if one person falls off the whole team has to start again. Our team did good but we just couldn’t get across to the end without touching the floor, we almost made it but then we got called to sit back into our group lines.

Monday came and I was so excited. My Group was called the ‘Carez’, the leaders were Kezia and Rayden and our teacher was Miss Tito. The first thing we did was peel the potatoes and kumaras. Maree and I were cutting them, we had to cut them into little pieces. The potatoes were easy to cut but the kumara wasn’t. Maree and I got all wet because people kept on chucking them in after they were washed.

The first activity we did was kayaking, we all got dressed into what we were going to swim in. We all walked down to the Pt England beach to meet Mr Burt. We walked down in our two lines. When we got there we sat down and waited for Mr Burt’s instructions. Etta and me were in a double canoe and I kept on hitting her with the paddle. I hopped out to have a turn on the single canoes. I only went half way then I turned around and hopped out. It got boring watching every body swimming and kayaking so I walked into the water and went down to Pharrah and Sylvia. I wasn’t going to get wet but Raven and Rayden wet me.

After that activity we went to Mrs Lagitupu and practised our item. Then we went outside to film our item. We played games with Mr Harris, the games we played with Mr Harris were Australian games. The Carez team were the last team to put up our tents. We went to Mrs Nua and Mrs Nua told us who we were in a tent with, I was in a tent with Kezia and Destiny. When we finished putting up our tent we got our bags and put them into our tent. “Finally we get to go to YMCA” I said out loud. Later on that night we were watching movies. I went into Miss Tito’s class and watched ‘Toy Story 3’. I was so tired that I almost fell asleep during the Movie.

Day 3 came and I couldn’t wait to go home. We all packed up our stuff and put our stuff in to our class rooms. We meet back into the marquette and waited until the buses came so we could go to Swimarama.

We finally made it to Swimarama and we watched the swimming relays. We waited for so long that I just couldn’t wait to get into the water. When the relays finished we jumped into the water. Vaine and I were going to jump into the water at the same time but she decided to push me in first. “Far out, the waters cold” I said to Vaine. I jumped out to push her in but when I got out she jumped in. I jumped back in and we swam around everyone hiding from each other.”Stop look and listen” said Mrs Nua, we all stop and listened, Mrs Nua said, “If you haven’t had morning tea all ready can you came and have some please, thanks.” I hopped out and jumped into the line. We had pizza bread and a calcium milk. Victoria, Vaine and me went to watch people jump off the diving boards. Vaine finished so she jumped into the line. One by one jumping off the diving boards, it was finally Vaines turn. Victoria and I were screaming out, “Go Vaine go.” She said that she was scared to jump off but she just walked off. she finished her turn and Victoria and I went to the hydroslide. We only had one turn on the hydroslide then we started playing tag with each other. I got tired so I jumped out and got changed. We all lined up into our group lines, we waited for the buses by the basin. As we were waiting we played sleeping lions. The buses arrived and the ‘Carez’ and another team were on the first bus. When we got back to school we went to the street and Mrs Nua told us who came first, second and third. It was finally time to go home.