Monday, August 23, 2010

Immersion Assembllies

Immersion Assembly is like an assembly but when all our teachers dress up and try to give us an idea of what our topic is.

We have an Immersion Assembly at the start of every term. Each team, from Team 1 to Team 5, have an opportunity to describe who they are..

One of the Immersion assemblies I remember is “up up and away”. One of the Characters I liked was Mr Palmer, he was a flight attendant.

Another Immersion Assemblies I remember was when I was in Room12, Miss Gardens class. We where learning about ‘Blooming Success’. Miss Garden was a flower a funny looking flower to but I can’t remember what kind of flower she was.

One of my favourite immersion Assemblies so far is Mighty ‘TEEN’ Mariners. My favourite Character was Miss King, she’s the teacher that loved Johnny Depp from ‘Pirates of the Caribian.’’ Miss king was funny when she yelled out ‘Johnny’!. My other favourite Character was Ms Tito, she was funny as well because she was Jessica Watson. I think Ms Tito was a good actor she had a funny accent too. I was wondering if Jessica was from Australia and she was.