Thursday, May 26, 2011


Caselli invented a machine called the ‘Pantelograph’ wires. By 1880s, Alexander Graham Bell invented a machine that could send pictures and sounds over wires, the machine was called Photophone. In 1900 there was a world fair was in Paris, France, that was where the first television was used by a Russian named Constantin Perskyi. At the beginning when T.V’s were made, there were several types of TV technology. One system was a mechanical model using rotating disks and another system was an electronic model. In 1906, Boris Rosing built the first working mechanical television in Russia and in 1920 LogieAbbe Giovanna Caselli was the first person to send a picture over a wire in 1862, Abbe Giovanna Baird and Charles Francis Jenkins demonstrated an improved mechanical system. T.V’s these days are different because we have flat screens and we don’t always use an aerial.


We were given a challenge to make an origami box that could hold Mr Harris’s mouse. It had to be big enough for his mouse and it also had to open and close with no glue to holding it together . We could choose to work as a team or by ourselves. I decided to work as a pair with Aliza, we were looking on the Internet to find some ideas for our box.

We made a prototype to see if it could work, it worked out really well so we made the box out of colored paper and we tested it again.

I was not confident that it was going to work so we tested it until I was positive that it could hold Mr Harris’s mouse without damaging it.

The challenge was awesome and I hope we can do it again.

Looking Forward Looking Back.

Term 1:
Last term , term 1was so cool, I was excited because it was a new year. Last term we had lots of new things such as Netbooks , new class rooms and a new teacher.

We had more classes in technology like science and Electronics. At the moment I have been in both of the new classes and so far I find it really interesting.

We also have Taonga time that is when we go to the other classes in the intermediate school and in our groups we designed some fun things such as designing lino prints with Mrs Langitupu.

Term 2:
This term we are learning about designing things or making things Bigger , Better , Stronger and Faster. The topic is interesting so far. We have also been practicing the design processes of how to create a proper sign.

We have been practicing for the netball season and this week we had our first grading game. The team that I am in won our game and the other Year 8 team won their game too.
I play a lot of netball I really enjoy the sport.

I can’t wait for the rest of the term I know that there will be a lot of awesome activities and a lot more fun.