Thursday, May 26, 2011


Caselli invented a machine called the ‘Pantelograph’ wires. By 1880s, Alexander Graham Bell invented a machine that could send pictures and sounds over wires, the machine was called Photophone. In 1900 there was a world fair was in Paris, France, that was where the first television was used by a Russian named Constantin Perskyi. At the beginning when T.V’s were made, there were several types of TV technology. One system was a mechanical model using rotating disks and another system was an electronic model. In 1906, Boris Rosing built the first working mechanical television in Russia and in 1920 LogieAbbe Giovanna Caselli was the first person to send a picture over a wire in 1862, Abbe Giovanna Baird and Charles Francis Jenkins demonstrated an improved mechanical system. T.V’s these days are different because we have flat screens and we don’t always use an aerial.

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