Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Process Between Day And Night

This presentation is about the process between day and night. Room 19 and I have all made a presentation about what causes day and night. Here is a little bit of information that causes day and night. I hope you enjoy this presentation.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Dream Outta This World Holiday..

‘Brring..................’ screamed the alarm. I tried to ignore it. I wanted to stay in my dream. My dream outta this world holiday.

In my dream holiday I would want to go to Jupiter, but if I took off today I would be 19 because it takes 7 years to get there. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.

Jupiter would be the fourth biggest object in the sky (after the Sun , the Moon and Venus). Its also is the fifth planet from the Sun and is the largest planet in the Solar System.

I would like to go to Jupiter not because its the closest planet to Earth or because its the biggest planet in our Solar System but because I really want to explore around the planet and see how big it really is. I heard that it has four large moons and many smaller moons that form a kind of miniature Solar System.

Thank you April.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Order Of The Planets.

This term our topic is Outta This World, Solar System. We have been doing a Mnemonic that will help us memories the order of the planets. Here is a presentation that Reina and I have made. I hope you enjoy this presentation.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Are Killer Waves....

In room 19 we had to read, write and learn about a book. We each got a book to study,we had to study, we had to summarise the reading and then put it together in a slide show. It is here on my blog so that team four can use it for reading task. I really hope you enjoy watching this presentation.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Georgia Conversation...

So Aliza what is the capital city of Georgia?” asked Ocean.
“The capital city of Georgia is T’blisi,” replied Aliza.
“So then do you know what the population is?” Ocean asked.
“Yes, the population of Georgia is over 4 million people,” answered Aliza.
“Great work Aliza,” I replied.
“So Ocean do you know one of the local delicacies in Georgia?” said Aliza
“Yes,one of the local delicacies is peaches,” I replied.
“Well Ocean do you know what continent Georgia is on?’’ asked Aliza.
“Yes,the continent of Georgia is Asia,” I answered.
“What are two of the famous people in Georgia?”
“One of them is Joseph Stalin and another Eduard Shevardnadze.
“What is their favourite sport?”said Aliza
“ One of the sports they like to play is football,” I replied.
“Okay then do you know what their neighboring countries are?” I asked.
“Well the neighboring countries are Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia,” replied Aliza.
“What is one of the major festivals in Georgia?” Aliza asked.
“Well one of the major festivals in Georgia is the Chabukiani-Balanchine Festival, a festival of ballet,” I replied.
“What is the team color?” I asked.
“The actual team color is red,” replied Aliza.
“Well then do you know what the alternative color is?” asked Aliza.
“The alternative color is red and white.
This is what the Georgia flag looks like.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where In The World Is...?

This task is about countries that didn’t quilify the rugby world cup 2011. We had to study different countries around the world. We had to find the flag, location,capital city, population and sports.

Ivory Coast:
Flag: Ivory Coast
Flag: Ivory Coast
Continent: Western Africa.
Population: The population of Ivory Coast is 21,504,162
Capital: The capital of Ivory Coast is Yamoussoukro.
Sport: Their sports in Ivory Coast is Soccer.

Bosnia Herzegovina:
Flag: Bosnia Herzegovina flag.

Continent: The continent for Bosnia Herzegovina is Europe.
Population: The population in Bosnia Herzegovina is 4,622,163
Capital: The capital city of Bosnia Herzegovina is Sarajero.
Sport: The sport they play in Bosnia Herzegovina is Soccer.
I have decided to study Bosnia Herzegovina for our Immersion tasks.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Were The Heck Is Pukekohe...?

Different Auckland town centres are hosting Rugby teams from countries that qualified for the World Cup. One of these places is Pukekohe.

Pukekohe is a suburb in the Auckland region of the North Island of New Zealand. Located at the southern edge of the Auckland Region, it is approximately 50 kilometres south of Aucland City. (

The Maori word Puke-kohe means ‘hill’ of the “kohekohe”, New Zealand’s Mahogany. During the New Zealand Wars, a battle was fought in Pukekohe known as the Defence of Pukekohe East 1863 (

The township population of Pukekohe is approx, 19,000 people. Pukekohe is Franklin’s main town along with Waiuku (population approx 5,500) and Tuakau (population approx 3000). Latest population figures show Franklin with a population of approx 58,932 and growing. (
Pukekohe's race tracks are famous their.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keep Your Eye On The Ball.

We are using the nations of the 2011 Rugby World Cup as our inquiry path. For this unit we are in one of four teams: Brumbies, Force, Rebels, Stormers.My team is the Stormers.
There will be a number of tasks for us to navigate to achieve our goal of an excellent result in this unit. There are a mixture of individual and team tasks to be completed. The main task that will show our learning in this unit will be a Hyperstudio presentation about one of the countries in the World Cup competition.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Our Designs For The Street...............

This Term, Term 2, room 19 and I have been making our designs for the street. We have been doing some research from the internet on furniture designs. We gathered information and sketched some of the idea’s and changing some of the idea’s. When we were drawing our designs we had to do a P.M.I. For those of you who don’t know what P.M.I is it’s Plus Minus and Interesting. When we finished our P.M.I we started creating our designs. When we were creating we had choices one of our choices were papermashaye. After we papermashayed we painted them the colours we wanted and them we drew patterns all over them.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

'If I was You'

If I was you
I would be

If I was you
I would say achoo,

If I was you
I would paddle a canoe,

If I was you
I would argue,

If I was you
I would chew,

If I was you
I would say, “Ooh!”,

If I was you
I would break through.


There was a little girl Ala
she had a friend Bella
they both had money
and bought some honey
and that was the little girl Ala.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

James Mackenzie the Polygraph

In 1902 Sir James Mackenzie invented the Lie Detector also called the polygraph. His invention was a less successful machine then the Polygraph that John Larsen invented. The Polygraph is used in police interrogation but only if it needs to be used.

James Mackenzie was born on April 12,1853 in Scone Scotland.He died in January 26,1925.He was educated at Scone Village school, Perth Grammar School and Edinburgh University. He was a member of the Burnley Literary and Scientific Club.

1855- Mackenzie was caught stealing 1,000 sheep from a sheep station north of Timaru.

1897, to measure the resistance of the skin to small electric currents emitted through metal electrodes attached to two fingertips of the subject.

1902- Sir James Mackenzie invented the Polygraph

1915- an American psychologist, William M. Marston, began to demonstrate a lie detection test

1930- just before World War II, the government and private businesses took over further advances in the technology related to the polygraph.

1931- Mr. Leonardo Keeler patented his device before proceeding to market his device to police departments across the country.

1938 using the lie detector to determine the positive reaction to using this razor.

Dr Mackenzie's application for the position of Medical Officer in the Workhouse Infirmary. At the Victoria Hospital. He was instrumental in establishing the Victoria Hospital which opened in 1886 and spent some time working there.

His invention the lie detector (Polygraph) it is important because the Police need it so they can find out the truth from people in investigations.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Caselli invented a machine called the ‘Pantelograph’ wires. By 1880s, Alexander Graham Bell invented a machine that could send pictures and sounds over wires, the machine was called Photophone. In 1900 there was a world fair was in Paris, France, that was where the first television was used by a Russian named Constantin Perskyi. At the beginning when T.V’s were made, there were several types of TV technology. One system was a mechanical model using rotating disks and another system was an electronic model. In 1906, Boris Rosing built the first working mechanical television in Russia and in 1920 LogieAbbe Giovanna Caselli was the first person to send a picture over a wire in 1862, Abbe Giovanna Baird and Charles Francis Jenkins demonstrated an improved mechanical system. T.V’s these days are different because we have flat screens and we don’t always use an aerial.


We were given a challenge to make an origami box that could hold Mr Harris’s mouse. It had to be big enough for his mouse and it also had to open and close with no glue to holding it together . We could choose to work as a team or by ourselves. I decided to work as a pair with Aliza, we were looking on the Internet to find some ideas for our box.

We made a prototype to see if it could work, it worked out really well so we made the box out of colored paper and we tested it again.

I was not confident that it was going to work so we tested it until I was positive that it could hold Mr Harris’s mouse without damaging it.

The challenge was awesome and I hope we can do it again.

Looking Forward Looking Back.

Term 1:
Last term , term 1was so cool, I was excited because it was a new year. Last term we had lots of new things such as Netbooks , new class rooms and a new teacher.

We had more classes in technology like science and Electronics. At the moment I have been in both of the new classes and so far I find it really interesting.

We also have Taonga time that is when we go to the other classes in the intermediate school and in our groups we designed some fun things such as designing lino prints with Mrs Langitupu.

Term 2:
This term we are learning about designing things or making things Bigger , Better , Stronger and Faster. The topic is interesting so far. We have also been practicing the design processes of how to create a proper sign.

We have been practicing for the netball season and this week we had our first grading game. The team that I am in won our game and the other Year 8 team won their game too.
I play a lot of netball I really enjoy the sport.

I can’t wait for the rest of the term I know that there will be a lot of awesome activities and a lot more fun.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In Praising Of Adverbs

Adverbs help describe Verbs.Verbs are doing words e.g laughing, running and holding. This picture is about a girl who has a beautiful smile. In this photo she is carefully holding a sunflower.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My letter home.

Dear Aunty,
How are you. Hope you are well. I am doing good at school.
At school we are doing KFC, not the KFC we eat the Kids Fitness Club. We also have blogs, we have blogs to let the world know what we have been doing on holidays and all that. We now have Netbooks at our school.Our Netbooks are really great to have.

I am writing you this letter because I am letting you know what I am doing in school.
Love you Aunty

My Thoughts About Camp

“YEAH” camp is coming and I gotta get packing. Next week on Monday Team 5 camp starts, it is called ‘Camp Take Charge’. I am really looking forward to camp because we did really cool activities last year. I am also excited to go camp because I get to spend time with my friends.

Yesterday we had our first camp meeting and that meeting was exciting because that’s when we were told what group we were in. I wish that my friends were in my group with me, but yesterday when we got told our groups the next thing we did was this one activity and it was quite hard. It was hard because there were like thirty of us in a group and the game was that you had to get your whole team across the hall without touching the ground, even if one person falls off the whole team has to start again. Our team did good but we just couldn’t get across to the end without touching the floor, we almost made it but then we got called to sit back into our group lines.

Monday came and I was so excited. My Group was called the ‘Carez’, the leaders were Kezia and Rayden and our teacher was Miss Tito. The first thing we did was peel the potatoes and kumaras. Maree and I were cutting them, we had to cut them into little pieces. The potatoes were easy to cut but the kumara wasn’t. Maree and I got all wet because people kept on chucking them in after they were washed.

The first activity we did was kayaking, we all got dressed into what we were going to swim in. We all walked down to the Pt England beach to meet Mr Burt. We walked down in our two lines. When we got there we sat down and waited for Mr Burt’s instructions. Etta and me were in a double canoe and I kept on hitting her with the paddle. I hopped out to have a turn on the single canoes. I only went half way then I turned around and hopped out. It got boring watching every body swimming and kayaking so I walked into the water and went down to Pharrah and Sylvia. I wasn’t going to get wet but Raven and Rayden wet me.

After that activity we went to Mrs Lagitupu and practised our item. Then we went outside to film our item. We played games with Mr Harris, the games we played with Mr Harris were Australian games. The Carez team were the last team to put up our tents. We went to Mrs Nua and Mrs Nua told us who we were in a tent with, I was in a tent with Kezia and Destiny. When we finished putting up our tent we got our bags and put them into our tent. “Finally we get to go to YMCA” I said out loud. Later on that night we were watching movies. I went into Miss Tito’s class and watched ‘Toy Story 3’. I was so tired that I almost fell asleep during the Movie.

Day 3 came and I couldn’t wait to go home. We all packed up our stuff and put our stuff in to our class rooms. We meet back into the marquette and waited until the buses came so we could go to Swimarama.

We finally made it to Swimarama and we watched the swimming relays. We waited for so long that I just couldn’t wait to get into the water. When the relays finished we jumped into the water. Vaine and I were going to jump into the water at the same time but she decided to push me in first. “Far out, the waters cold” I said to Vaine. I jumped out to push her in but when I got out she jumped in. I jumped back in and we swam around everyone hiding from each other.”Stop look and listen” said Mrs Nua, we all stop and listened, Mrs Nua said, “If you haven’t had morning tea all ready can you came and have some please, thanks.” I hopped out and jumped into the line. We had pizza bread and a calcium milk. Victoria, Vaine and me went to watch people jump off the diving boards. Vaine finished so she jumped into the line. One by one jumping off the diving boards, it was finally Vaines turn. Victoria and I were screaming out, “Go Vaine go.” She said that she was scared to jump off but she just walked off. she finished her turn and Victoria and I went to the hydroslide. We only had one turn on the hydroslide then we started playing tag with each other. I got tired so I jumped out and got changed. We all lined up into our group lines, we waited for the buses by the basin. As we were waiting we played sleeping lions. The buses arrived and the ‘Carez’ and another team were on the first bus. When we got back to school we went to the street and Mrs Nua told us who came first, second and third. It was finally time to go home.