Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mairangi bay

Early on Friday morning the year 7 at Pt England school were very excited that we were going to mairangi bay. We were finally heading off and Me, Gabby, Shaniah and Santy were sitting right in the middle. Every time we would turn a corner we would go up and would kind of turn. Gabby and I were telling each other stories until we got there. We finally got there and me and Gabby waited for most of the year 7 students to get off the bus and then me and Gabby hopped off.

As I hopped off I could fell that wind flying pasted me. “Oh my gosh, its so cold”, I said to my self.
Even though I had my jacket on I could still feel the wind. We all gathered together and sat down on the grass. We waited for the instructions from Mrs Nua. Then Mrs Nua said “Ok then lets go and find out were we put our bags so we followed Mrs Nua up the stairs and then Oh hello there they were the life guards. We walked in and the life guards said “ Come on in and put your bags in that area over there and then come over here and sit down,” so we but our bags in the little area and we sat down in of the life guards. All of us were finally there so the life guards introduced their selves and then told use what we were going to do later on. Later on that day we played games then we had lunch.

After lunch we grabbed our bags and come back down stairs to eat our lunch. During lunch time we played games and buried each other. The whistle went and we all said”Oh man all this fun time and it has to end now. We sat down and listened to Megan a life guard. After the instructions she told us to hop in a line behind Ngaina and Cruz and then we headed down to the beach and listened to the instructions she told use the we hopped in the water. After that we got dressed and headed home.

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