Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bumble Bee Pie

I think that Bumblebee pie is a really great book and it rhymes and easy to read.
This book is really interesting and tells you how Mia thought you had to catch the bees first than you have bake it. She went to catch some bees and came back with 6 hundred bumblebees. She found many different ways to bake the pie, like in the air, the fountain, the mountain, the quarry, the lorry,the desert, in the woods or on the ice. Then Mia threw in all the bees and put on the topping and then the pie flew high into the sky.
The birds started picking at the pie and out of the pie came a whole lot of bees and that was the story of Bumble Bee Pie.


  1. Kia Ora Ocean,
    I wondered what Bumble Bee Pie was, I actually thought you might have made one in class. I've never read that book before, was it from our school library?

    Miss Lavakula

  2. Hey ocean,
    I really like your story about the Bumble Bee's pie,it sounds like wanted to eta it and yes it is a good story, But do you like bees?

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  4. Hey Ocean,
    My name is Ashleigh Skelton I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I really did enjoy the story about Bumble Bee Pie. I was wondering what Bumble Bee Pie was. Now that I know I don't think I would want to eat one. I really did enjoy reading your blog though.


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