Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All shipshape and ready to sail.

All shipshape and ready to sail.
Our reading task was to find a picture of an Optimist and lable all of the equipment. We read about Tracey Page and Poppy Stevenson who belonged to a girls sailing group on Waiheke Island. They sailed thier dinghy called Petrel. They keep it upside down on the beach so it doesn't get full with water and sand. The first step is to put the mast up, then you have to lash the stays in a bow to keep the mast standing straight but you must remember to put you're life jackets on. You should alway's put you're sunscreen on even if it's not sunny so you don't get sunburnt. You have to keep you're dinghy facing the wind when you pull up the sail otherwise you're boat will catch the wind and tip over.

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